A term I came across recently while looking at graphic design courses. That pretty much sums me up. I spent 15 years in hospitality, and generally loved every minute of it. I started hospo life as a dish pig and worked my way up the ladder to assistant manager of a large up market bakery/cafe with grand plans of opening my own retro inspired cafe.
Then I met a boy and had a baby. Hospitality and babies generally don't go together. So I became a mature age career changer and enrolled in a course I knew nothing about, interior decorating and design.
What I did know is I liked old stuff and didn't like furniture going into landfill.
Current Vintage specialises in beautiful restored vintage and mid century furniture. My aim is to restore pieces while leaving the patina. I don’t want to take away their story but to add new life to it. Current Vintage is a small online furniture store located in Launceston, Tasmania. Most of my sourced furniture is made with amazing Tasmanian timbers such as Blackwood, Myrtle and Tasmanian Oak which were hugely popular not only in Tasmania but were exported to mainland furniture companies during that period also. When considering pricing, I take into account the cost, time and resources put into a piece and price it accordingly no matter who the designer may be. I just want to share my love of timber furniture and stop it from going into landfill. Current Vintage also carries a small range of vintage and mid century treasures and other found bits. Wherever I can, I support and encourage local small businesses and artists.
- Melinda Probst - Founder and Owner of Current Vintage, previously known as Current Junk.
Melinda Probst